Is your beef grass fed?

 Yes, our cattle get 100% of their diet from grazing in our 100% organic pastures. We don't feed any grain at all. In the winter, the cattle receives some extra hay, which is simply dried grass!


What do your chickens and pigs eat? Are they grass fed?

Chickens and pigs are omnivores. Only ruminants, like cattle, goats, and sheep, can survive on a grass only diet. Chickens and pigs do graze on grass, but we also supplement their diet with certified organic grains in order to keep them healthy.  The pigs love to run around the woods and forage for nuts, seeds, roots, bugs, etc.  The chicken enjoy pecking through the soil and finding tasty seeds, bugs and other treats too!


Are you certified organic?

We lease land on Windy Acres Farm, a USDA Certified Organic grain farm.  We exclusively use this organic grain to feed our chickens and pigs. The cattle graze on luscious, organic pastures.  Alfred and Carney Farris, the owners of Windy Acres Farm, are just as passionate about sustainability and caring for the soil as we are. We are honored to partner in growing organic grains and pastured meats on this beautiful land. Free Range Farm has not yet gone through the USDA organic certification process, but our farming practices go above and beyond the USDA organic standards.

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